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    Sam Allgood

    I’m surprised to not find within My Page on GovLoop a place to save favorite links that I want to store and possibly share with others. Am I missing it somewhere? Is it buried somewhere that someone could point me to … thanks.

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    Steve Ressler

    Hey Sam-

    What kind of feature would you like?

    -A place to save your favorite GovLoop articles…articles on GovLoop.com
    -A place to just save your favorite links generally from all over the web on your GovLoop page.

    Depending on the answer, different solutions for you. Let me know…Here to help


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    Sam Allgood

    A combination … basically a place to store valued links relative to government business practices / information technology. Many would be GovLoop sites, but would want the option to include links to other sources also.


    While I have your ear … I have for a long time been frustrated that emails about discussions don’t show the title about the discussion, so that I can decide before clicking on the link whether it is something I want to view or not. I looked throughout GovLoop and Ning to try to find a place to make that recommendation, but could not find any. Are you aware of a place to do this?

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    Amanda Blount

    HI Sam,

    AH HA!

    I just had an idea. While playing with some of the cool gadgets on here, I stumbled across the Blogs. The Blogs can be used for just about anything, and you can make each day private, or not private. Plus it looks like you can edit a post as often as you wish, instead of the 15 minutes you get in the other gadgets.

    So, what you do. Pick a day, any day. And make a Blog post and name it “my favorite links”, then whenever you have other links you want to add, you can edit your post, and add in another link. You can make it private or public! So really you could have two places for links; one you could keep private, and one to share!

    I am sure there are other ways to do this. But, for now, this may be a good option.

    Good Luck!


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    Sam Allgood

    Thanks, Amanda. I also was thinking along the same lines if they did not have another way to have that available on my home page. Sounds like you think like me and often find more than one way to ‘skin a cat’.

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