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    Steve Ressler

    One of our most popular sessions at our Next Generation of Gov’t Training Summit was a session on project management tips.

    It just shows that everyone of us is a project manager at some level (even if the job title doesn’t say so) as we help items get accomplish

    We all have our favorite project management tips

    What’s your favorite PM tip?

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    Jessie Kwak

    I use Evernote to organize research, notes, email chains, etc. You can put each item into the corresponding project folder, then tag it – which makes it easy to find things lately. I tag next tasks with “urgent” so I can do a quick search in the morning and figure out what needs to be taken care of.

    I know you can share Evernote folders, which could make it useful for collaboration, as well. I’ve never tried using it that way, though.

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    Dennis McDonald

    If you are the project manager, every now and then take your team members out for beer and pizza.

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