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    Ralph Marx

    I am starting to research some good vendors that speciaize in green products, specifically office supplies. Are there any vendors that some of you may use that you would recommend?

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    Andrea Baker

    Definitely should get Mr. Joe Higgs (@jphiggs) and Mr. Steve Mandzik (@robotchampion) in this discussion. Both deal with Green IT at Navstar.

    I’ll let them know.

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    Joe Higgs

    Thanks Andrea, for getting me involved in this 😉 I’m always glad to help.

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    Joe Higgs

    If I were in your shoes I would start by reading this short article: http://ecopreneurist.com/2009/07/02/10-great-cheap-green-office-supplies/ and the related articles posted within it in order to get the most green for your green. The article has links directly to several green product suppliers for your convenience as well.

    Many national office supply stores now offer eco-friendly products so you may not even have to change who you’re currently purchasing supplies from. If you do not use one of the national supply store-front based businesses, you could call your bulk/direct supplier to ask them to offer green products which will help push the movement forward by bringing to their attention that it is in growing demand.

    If you need further information or guidance, feel free to contact me. I’d love to help!

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    Timonie Hood

    I’d recommend GSA — they have great environmental products and services contracts.

    The Recycled Products Cooperative is a great nonprofit green office supply store started under an EPA grant.

    EPA provides additional guidance and links to green contract language, specifications, and suppliers at:

    EPA Environmentally Preferable Purchasing – http://www.epa.gov/epp
    EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines (Recycled Products) – http://www.epa.gov/CPG

    Thanks for your interest in buying green & Happy Earth Day!


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    Steve Luzzi

    I encourage you to check out the Acquisition resources available at FedCenter.gov.

    The Green Products Compilation may be of particular help.

    Steve Luzzi
    FedCenter.gov Manager

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    Steven Mandzik

    Ralph – good on u for doing this. But I am surprised that its not already being done. This has been an executive order and in some cases a congressional act since 2006. You may need to go through GSA or reach out to someone at your agency working this issue.

    If you have more questions, shoot me an email: [email protected]

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