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    The FBI is recruiting for several IT Specialists positions.

    Attached is a verification form that includes information about
    several IT opportunities with the FBI that we are trying to fill very

    1. IT Specialist – Information Systems/Management (GS 7-12)
    2. IT Specialist – System Administrator/Customer Support (GS 7-9)
    3. IT Specialist – Developer (GS 11+)
    4. Data Analyst (GS 11+)

    Interested candidates should complete the attached verification form
    along with a cover letter and resume that includes your full work
    history. It should also specify the position(s) they are interested

    Thank you,

    Recruitment Program Manager
    Human Resources Division
    Federal Bureau of Investigation
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    Sam Allgood

    Note: Every position has this requirement:

    Scholastic Employment Program Eligible: Must be currently enrolled in secondary or higher education or have graduated within the past two years.

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    Hi Andrew – Are these positions still available ? thanks.


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    Sara Confer


    Where are these positions located?

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    Tahir Hafeez

    These positions are in DC. If you qualify at the GS-13 level (i.e. have extensive relevant experience), you may qualify for a Mission Critical hire and thus would not need to qualify in the Scholastic Employment Program.

    Yes, they are still available. Please note that federal employees cannot apply through either of the above mentioned programs and are required to apply online through the competitive process.

    Have a good day!

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    Michael Marshall

    I would assume you mean through USAJOBS when you say, through the competitive process if already an federal employee?

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    Tahir Hafeez

    Yes, that is correct.

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    Paola Wolowitz

    I would love this heheh

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    The listing above only goes to the Gs11/12 range what about the higher positions such as 13/14 and 15 (Unit chief) positions are they also being advertised in this same manner?

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    Jim Jones

    Andrew, Outstanding — and thanks.

    I am interested in working for that agency but I could not do this in a ft, onsite capacity. And I know some IT things but my true expertise is in Mandarin (and, to a lesser extent, Spanish).

    Actually I am interested in finding people in the military (or in civilian world; homeland security, legal and law enforcement for example) who could use my specialized language skills with regard to ‘coaching’ (Mandarin and some Spanish too).

    My profile page here on govloop explains in some detail. I am looking for people such as ambassadors, generals, and others who speak Mandarin but who could use my coaching (I have also advertised to the WH and to the WHCA). I work from my home in Chicago. I use the phone and the Web.

    That govloop profile page of mine (Jim Jones) has links to a Mandarin Coaching resume and slide show (my Mandarin is better than my Spanish and I do not advertise the coaching for Spanish, but my Spanish pronunciation is really good too).

    Operation Checkmate (Colombian Army v FARC) a few years ago was probably something that you heard about–it was in the news. The operatives had utilized language coaches in order to successfully pull off the ruse that freed a whole bunch of hostages.

    I was in the service once, long ago; I graduated from OCS but my career path changed and so I did not become an officer.

    As to this particular IT opening: could I get the name and contact information for a person who hires for the kind of thing that I am describing? Or could I get into direct conact with that IT hiring person, then he or she could direct me to the appropriate person. Thanks.

    Jim Jones [email protected] chineseadjuster.webs.com

    My site for the specialized Mandarin stuff

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    mai nguyen

    Hello Andrew,

    Sorry I’m late to this site and this post. But I’m hoping that the FBI is still hiring for these positions?

    Many thanks,


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