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    Is anyone familiar with the Federal Career Intern program and could provide some insight into it? From what I have read online it sounds like it is available with every federal department but the onus is on the applicant to get the ball rolling and seek out the dept with which they want to intern. Is the GPA requirement strict?
    I am assisting a friend in their career search.

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    For more information here is a website link you might want to try for information on various programs with GSA. I’ve worked for the Department of the Air Force, Department of the Army (you get good work experience here), DCMA & GSA. Out of all, I prefer GSA.

    Topics include:
    Programs offered to students and recent graduates include:

    Fellowships, Scholarships, and Similar Programs: These are temporary programs designed for students, recent graduates, as well as career professionals. These programs vary among federal agencies.

    Student Career Experience Program (SCEP): This program is available only to current degree-seeking students enrolled at least half-time in an accredited high school or technical or vocational school, 2-year or 4-year college or university, or graduate or professional school.

    Federal Career Intern Program (FCIP): This 2-year program is available to students and recent graduates, but is not restricted to just these applicants.

    Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program: This is a program administered by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) designed to attract highly qualified persons with graduate degrees who demonstrate a commitment to leadership in the Federal service.

    Good luck on assisting your friend. If I can be of further assistance, let me know.

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    Steve Ressler

    FCIP is more of a hiring mechanism than it is an actual formal program. Every department can use and every department does it different. Some repackage the FCIP hiring mechanism as a new program. Others use it to hire 3-4 at a time and often only have a small note on their web page. Personally, I wouldn’t spend a lot of time seeking out a bunch of departments and trying to get the ball rounding.

    I put various recruitment programs in the resources tab in GovLoop under recruitment programs. A lot of the programs can be hard to find but very good. I particularly recommend the various acquisition intern programs these days. And if you can learn the tricks to USAJOBS, it can be effective (look for multiple positions, open 3-4 weeks, find right grade and series).

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    Ooops!! I forgot to give you the website

    Linda D.

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    Justin D. Hentges

    The National Institutes of Health has a new program, the Administrative Fellows Program, that falls under the Federal Career Intern authority. We are just getting our next recruitment cycle up and running, but if your friend would like more information, please have him/her check out the website http://www.jobs.nih.gov/afp or email me at [email protected].



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    Debby Clark

    If you Google the Naval Acquisition Intern Program, you’ll see all the areas (both functional and geographical) where opportunities within the Navy exist. This is a good program, from what I’ve heard. I know that we hire a bunch of interns from there every year, mostly in the business finance, logistics, and contracts areas. There used to be a hard requirement for a 4-year degree, but now i understand they allow for experience also.

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    Hello, I’m a federal Career Intern (FCI) at HuD and I would suggest your friend begin by looking at the type of work he/she would like to do then target that department. At HUD we have the FCI program, MBA fellows, legal honors and Presidential Mgmt Fellows all under the HUD Fellows umbrella. while the first two are very similar, aside from the fact all MBa fellows hae an MBA or equivalent degree. the latter two programs have some particular differences. Most of the FCIs at HUD are not neccessarily recent college grads and their is a good mix of us with advanced degrees too beyond the Bachelors level. I saw HUD’s posting for Federal career Interns on the USA jobs website when I was job hunting and I noticed that HHS and treasury also had FCI postings at that time as well. So that’s probably a good place to begin as for any govt. job.Hope this helps and best of luck to your friend,
    I don’t know about the GPA requirement but at HUD the number of interns hired is substantial, ~40 or more in 2008 placed but locally and in the field. We are required to do two target assignments(at the beginning and end of the 2 year period) in our target office and a minimum of 3 3 month rotations (all within HUD offices during the 2 year development program). I think the program here at HUD is very good and I highly recomend it.

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    Mary Mitchell

    You may also want to look at coop programs. It is important to meet GPA requirement – I worked for an agency where the HR department screened out candidates who did not meet the criteria and functional managers were not allowed to see these applicants. There are typically more candidates than openings.

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    Kenneth Sosne

    I just know that it is a good way to enter the federal service. I would check out the various agencies and their requirements.

    If you are a graduate student the PMF program is very good.

    Federal positions are rewarding and can be exciting.

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    Debra Fitzwater

    Ms. Tewsbury-Bloom,
    I’m intimately familiar with Federal Co-op and Internship opportunities and hiring agendas. I was a Program Manager for these programs at the DOD. Specifically, at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. I may be able to assist you. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] and I will have someone speak with you about our Student Internship and Co-op Programs. Direct contact with the powers that be can afford you insight apart from doing standard research suggested by the other posts.

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    Vincent Buitrago

    Im actually seeking an intern from HUD.gov. I do not believe there is a strict GPA guidelines for the position. However, word is that there is a freeze in intern positions. Im still lurking to find more info from the intern program at HUD.

    Did you know you can speak to a live operater at USA.gov
    They can help you with furher questions and may have any recent developments. This should help.

    Good Luck.


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    Hi, Sharon.

    I was hired as a career intern with the DOE’s Inspector General. It’s a good gig because you get paid while you learn. One thing I would have done differently was to research the program before I signed on. The reason I say this is that there are a lot of recruitment incentives available that were not offered to me; I would have gone for the tuition reimbursement but didn’t know to ask for it.

    GPAs are probably not that strict but the government wants the most bang for its buck; mediocre employees are what it has now. Your friend should visit the various government web sites (http://www.doe.gov, for example) and notice that there are opportunities with the numerous contractors who do business with the federal government. Your friend also needs to get serious, study hard, and excel in courses now because that will prepare him/her for the level of effort required in the workplace.

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    Jenniffer Vazquez

    I just graduated the Department of the Army Intern Program. I applied through USAJobs after seeing the posting on CPOL. Most Civilian and all DOD agencies have intern programs in a variety of fields. I know for DOD components, the internship information is on their website. GPA requirements vary by career field and by agency.

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    Hello Sharon,

    Many of the agencies have specific info on their websites about internships/co-ops. You will need to get on their website for details. http://www.Studentjobs.gov is a great place to look for internship or entry level jobs. What is the employment goal?

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    Jose M Cruz

    Hi, My name is Jose Cruz and I am retired from the federal government after 38 years of service. I started as a Department of the Army Intern in the EEO field, and I would recommend any intern program in the federal government. I learned so much and met some great people in the process. I retired as a federal mediator with EEOC. I hope your friend gets into an intern program in the future.

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    Brooke Bohnet

    I work at the Partnership for Public Service. We recommend learning more about FCIPs on individual agency web sites. Sometimes they turn up in a web search “Career Intern Program.” We’ve heard great stories from people in the program and it tends to be an easier hiring process than seeking a regular entry-level position. Our web site is http://www.makingthedifference.org.

    Good luck to your friend!

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    Dena Mirando

    Hi Sharon,

    If you hear anything, let me know, I am curious as well. I know that each organization has takes their own interns like CIA, DHS, etc for which you apply seperately, but on my ventures of researching this, I haven’t seen anything like what you are describing out of generality. Buzz me a note and let me know what you have found out


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    Amy Loveridge

    You can find out more about the Veterans Affairs Technical Career Field Program (our FCIP) at http://www.vacareers.va.gov/l2_You_Students_Administration_1.cfm.

    It covers the following fields:

    Biomedical Engineer
    Blind Rehabilitation
    Chief Business Office
    Compliance and Business Integrity
    Contract Specialist
    Environmental Engineer
    Environmental Management
    General Engineer
    Health Information Management
    Human Resources Management
    Information Technology
    Inventory Management
    Prosthetic Representative
    Safety/Industrial Hygiene
    Supply Processing and Distribution
    Utility Tech/Boiler Plant Operator
    Voluntary Management

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