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    Hello all,

    Looking for any potential help here. So I have been trying to get a civil service position overseas, Europe or Japan, for about a year and a half. I am currently a federal contractor and I do have military experience so vets preference and CPS (10 point preference). Also for reference I am a systems administrator so the 2210 series is where I am looking.

    Over the last year and a half I have applied to about 30 or 40 positions. I know it sounds a little low but I have applied to almost all the open positions I see if I meet the requirements. Out of those 30 – 40 I have only been “Not Referred” to somewhere between 5 – 8. The rest I have been referred on the certified list. Only 1 or 2 did I get referred but not on the certified list as there were others that had a higher priority.

    I have tried my best to tweak my resume for the position I apply for, admittedly I am bad at writing resumes, but I also did try to use a professional resume writer for federal positions but there were some problems with them understanding the technical aspects and using what I had to write something that fit the proper format and requirements better. (Maybe just a bad experience?)

    I have about 6 or 7 positions I have been referred to that are currently still open. They have been in referred status anywhere from a month and a half to 2 weeks not counting the time to get referred. I understand how the system works with priority and possibly having someone already in mind. With that said my question is what can I do to better increase my chances? Would it be right/proper/a good idea to call the personnel center listed for the position after 2 – 3 weeks for an update? Can I ask them for any tips on getting selected? At this point I haven’t even been asked to interview though I do know it isn’t always required/used and you can be selected without an interview. (Based on the many civilians at my current unit)

    P.S. There is currently 2 jobs in particular that are emergency essential in Japan. 1 has multiple vacancies and was open for like 10 days, which leads me to believe that there aren’t people in mind for every position, and another in a different location that was open for awhile. The first only took about 2 weeks after closing to get a certified list while the latter only took a week. I made it onto the certified list in both cases.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Sorry about some grammar problems in my post. I am on a government computer during my lunch and I thought I had corrected them but the computer is slow and didn’t take some of my changes as well as not triple checking after making those changes.
    E.G. “P.S. There is…” should be there are. I know it isn’t that important on an online forum but it bothered me.

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