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    Anthony E Gracey

    I am currently a GS-12, Step 2 Paralegal Specialist on a Term position with the DoD, not to exceed two years. Previously I was a Career-Conditional Paralegal Specialist with the DoJ for three years. My question is since I’m on a Term Position now, does my federal time combined count toward service time? I am near completion of my two year term with the DoD, and with the three years with the DoJ, this would give me five years of federal government experience.

    My other question is am I allowed to apply for career conditional jobs or must I apply along with the other public listings.

    The final question is when I apply for other federal positions, is since I am as GS-12 on a Term Position, would I be allowed to apply for other GS-12 positions? I know that you need 52-weeks at the next lowest position to apply for a higher grade. Since I was never a GS-11, but a GS-9, Step 3 at my previous federal position, would that make only able to apply for a GS-11 for a permanent position?

    Anthony E Gracey

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    Steve Ressler

    I’ve asked this question in a couple of the govloop groups but my understanding would be:

    -Yes the term time counts toward 5

    -And I think you should be allowed to apply for GS-12 positions

    No expert here but based on my experiences

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    Anthony E Gracey

    Thanks for the response. It is very helpful.

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    Jeffrey Levy

    Anthony, I don’t even know what a term position means, but your HR office is your best bet. I suggest calling them and asking for help.

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    Susan Frieswyk


    The first response you got was accurate; the term time counts and you can apply for GS-12 positions. The question they didn’t address was whether you could apply for Career Conditional jobs. You didn’t say whether you achieved tenure at DOJ. You said “three years” but was it really? If it was, and you completed service to achieve tenure, you can apply for anything. If it wasn’t, there are some restrictions on how long you have to return to a competitive appointment. On that, your HR office is really the best source of info since they’ll have your exact dates.


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    Kevin M. Schafer

    I love this post… Continue to work hard Anthony and you won’t have to worry about applying for a new position. One will come to you!

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