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    Patrick Quinn

    From Sunday’s Federal Times:

    “Public Service Recognition Week should be a week of celebration. But with record levels of the population angry at and distrustful of their
    government, as a recent Pew Research Center survey shows, it should
    serve as a time of critical reflection for federal employees,
    supervisors and managers. The Pew survey findings released April 18 are

    There’s obviously an operational issue here–government is failing to meet citizens’ expectations–but there’s a public-relations problem, too. A nontrivial part of this public discontent can be dampened or even mitigated if government does a better job of telling its story.

    From my seat in the bleachers, it seems that the toxic state of public discourse is a big element in the high negative numbers. Government can’t do anything to improve the general quality of the debate, but one of the important messages delivered at Free State Social is that you don’t have to worry about the whole discourse–only the little part of it that reflects directly on you. The problem of perception is that “government” is broken–but government is simply a collection of agencies and institutions, each with their
    own reputation and social capital. I think we’ll fix this one agency and institution at a time, and it will be the people at those agencies and institutions who do the heavy work.

    I think they’ll be successful.

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    Srinidhi Boray

    Govt wants to go to Wall St and hold Goldman Sachs responsible for its book keeping and mischief in investments. How about pubic servants getting their own dirty books correct. There are lot of toxic assets being ill funded. This is the reason why I keep getting fired from my job on lame reasons, sometimes blatantly attributing to political nature of work. What does that mean. Beats me!!

    Government is not broken, it is a great system has been held siege by people who cater to different sector of people. Unfortunately many Fascist also have taken office.


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