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    Victor Chen

    Good morning!

    For the feds out there — I’m looking for some of the pros and cons of doing a dual announcement for an opening. For a single opening, I’ve seen other agencies post two announcements, one to all U.S. citizens and another to current federal employees. What are the benefits and downsides to this approach?

    Thank you for your insight (and for this forum)!

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    Steve Ressler

    Couple thoughts:

    -Some people only search for openings just for current feds. So by having both I think you should increase number of applicants. And obviously if you restrict to just feds, then you limit any non-current feds from applying (limiting #s)

    -I could be wrong but wouldn’t you get two different cert lists in this case. Which I think is better – gives you more options

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    Victor Chen

    Thanks! Our HR department is balking at doing both because of a potential difference in timing of certificate deliveries as well as possible perception of excluding vet preference candidates should we pick someone off the merit list instead. I would think we should be able to manage the first, and I’d argue that if we didn’t advertise to all U.S. citizens, we automatically are excluding vets.

    Anyway, it makes me wonder if HR really wants us to find/hire the best candidate or not.

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    Dave Bell

    I have used dual announcements twice and our HR department handled them differently. Once I got two certificates (open and merit) and once I only got one certificate. I prefer two certs as you get a greater diversity of applicants. Ask your HR how they will handle it. If you will get two certs, I would say go with the dual announcement. If, however, you will only get one cert, I advise you to go with two announcements, which is more work but a greater scope of applicants. Good luck in your decision, Dave

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    Susan Chin

    We always use two separate announcements. It’s clearer, and seems that with one announcement, non-fed applicants get confused with all the fed jargon (SF-50, etc.). Vets get vet preference on the public one, and may qualify for the federal announcement under VEOA. And many former feds as well as current ones should qualify for the federal announcement. I have seen announcements where they say something like, “this position is also posted under xxxx open to Federal employees,” and a similar statement is used on the federal announcement directing applicants to the public announcement. Your agency may have a policy on posting jobs a certain way, so you’ll have to see. Good luck!

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    Julie Chase

    The way it is done in our DoN neck of the woods…the announcement goes out to current fed employees…..if in two or MORE weeks, there are no bites, or the hiring official doesn’t like the list, it goes out to US Citizens and they go from there.

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    Tamara Lamb-Ghenee

    Great advice!

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