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    What will you do to provide an annual performance appraisal that will enhance employee morale, not demoralize them?

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    Terrence Hill

    I am not in charge of my agency, but if I were here are some of the changes I would make to our performance management system:

    • Instead of an Annual Process – Make it a Continuous Process
    • Use “Social Goals” that are Shared Instead of Private/Indivdual Goals
    • Measure Networked Performance, Not Just Individual Performance
    • Use Peer/Multi-Rater Feedback Process to Feed Process
    • Use a System Like SalesForce’s (

    We have been struggling with performance management for decades. Instead of tinkering with the “form” or process or levels, we need to make performance management social by adopting some of the same technology that we use for social networks like GovLoop.

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    David B. Grinberg

    Put simply, focus on the positive — as well as the work strengths and contributions of employees. If a manager must be very critical then at least try to use one positive example for every negative one. You did this assignment wrong, but you also did this other task right.

    Set positive goals and expectations, stretch goals, for employees to strive for and improve performance.

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    Henry Brown

    The biggest thing IMO that could be done is insure that there are NO surprises!

    Some of the modifications that I would suggest for @Terry‘s suggestions:

    • would include “Social Goals” with Individual Goals
    • insure that Peer/Multi-Rater Feedback was provided to ALL

    I believe that @David‘s response is important but it is imperative that the need for improvement NOT be lost in the process.

    Another thing that I have seen that works, IF there is GOOD communications, is including in the appraisal process rating the raters

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    Julie Chase

    As the “employee”, not management, performance appraisals are cut and paste. We went from PARS, to NSPS, now we are at NSPS (lite). Fewer electronic pages to fill out (cut and paste from last year). Same ol, same ol. Here a PD is a PD. I do the same thing every day, all day 26 weeks a FY. Attend mandatory training, a few CLD classes that catch my eye and that is about it. Supervisors give the “objectives”, we as “employees” respond how we have met these objectives, throwing in pieces of our mission statement and rule/regulation/policy MARADMINXXXXX, IV, para 2, section 5a. Digitally sign it and forward it back to the Supervisor. It’s time for the “interim” PA. Cut and paste (nothing has changed), sign and forward. In September, do it again, and then the annual and so on and so on and so on. I miss the PARS, short and sweet and move on. The WG’s got lucky. The GS’s, roll the dice. Most people in my grade level have chosen “time off” vs. the money, because it doesn’t come close to what WG’s are awarded and it’s taxed so much, you could fill your gas tank with what’s left. Do I love my job, YES, emphatically. Do I love the people I work with, YES! Do I have a supervisor that is willing to listen, and accept new ideas. YES! In gov CS, you work with the cards (appraisal system) you get and move on.

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    Thanks all (Terrence, David, Henry, and Julie) for all of your comments. I do see the importance of setting up positive goals, objectives, and expectations on an annual basis but these goals and expectations must be realistic and agreeable between the rater and ratee and they must be job-related. I likethe idea of ratees rating the raters and networked performance or team performance. The idea of team performance element is not new as your rating will be the same as other team members. I do think networked or team performance element can be more realistic in a high performance work team. Social goals are great but they must be job-related in my view or social goals can be a bonus performance element to encourage employees to share their shared performance goals.

    How a supervisor uses performance appraisal to promote a positive work environment and to promote employees to achieve higher invidividual, organizational and social goals and shared common goals is still a challenge in my view. I would like to see a rating process that is fair and reflects the true performance and not subjective.

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