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    Kevin Roberts

    After a year and a half, I finally landed an awesome Federal Government job which starts on June 7th; however, the problem is I was “low-balled” in the salary for Washington D.C. and I requested a reneg (renegotiation) on the salary. It has been almost a week since I reneg and in that time, I’ve completed all required orientation paperwork and e-QIP. I sent an e-mail to the HR Rep yesterday as a follow-up a long with other questions I had.

    I guess my question is how long should I wait to hear on the reneg?? I need to pack and relocate to DC from CA, but I don’t want to until I hear back.

    What is your advice?


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    Srinidhi Boray

    Either perm or contract it must not take much time for the renegotiated salary as they all follow certain GSA category. That is my impression. Doing the e-QIP and getting that process takes one to few weeks. But that should not be the stopper.

    Good luck, DC is a nice place when you get to like it.

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    Allison Wetter

    If you really feel you were “low-balled”, it doesn’t hurt to ask about it to see if it is negotiable. I work for the Dept of Navy and we have pay scales that set ranges for pay, so often pay is not negotiable. But, DC has 24.22% locality added to the basic pay. It is a nice area with a HIGH cost of living. Seems like you are headed in the right direction by filling out all your pre-employment paperwork. Have you discussed relocation assistance? Possibly they would be able to authorize a Relocation Bonus or are they placing you First Duty Orders?? Good luck!

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    Kathy Sciannella

    I also requested renogiation on the salary when I came into Federal service. Did the HR specialist tell you that your renegotiated salary was accepted? The process is that if the hiring person agrees, then it has to be approved a few levels up. You should not languish awaiting a response — that is bad HR practice. Good for yo for asking for more money (few employees do that). Hope all works out. I am a native Washingtonian so I can say that DC is a great area to live. Good luck.

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