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    John Carter


    Are the Government jobs frozen?

    John Carter

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    Scott Rose

    Depends on what you mean by “frozen”. Most agencies can hire to fill an empty position, but don’t have the funds to hire new additions. So as older FTE’s retire, positions often open up.

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    Charles Grant

    Government jobs aren’t frozen. Our pay is! I’ve been a fed employee for over 30 years. I’m a patriot and a tax-payer. Freezing my pay. Is this supposed to help our national debt problem? Give me a break!

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    Varies – depends if you’re talking Fed, state/local. Here in AZ, we’ve been in a hiring freeze for 3 years. The only positions we fill are those that are either A) Protecting Public Health or B) Bringing in revenue for the state. Any positions we do recruit for must be approved by the Governor’s office.

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    I assume you mean an overall government hiring freeze. I know of no such arrangement in place; however, freezes have occurred in the past whenever money was tight. Agencies must closely monitor their budgets and be prudent. Often, they will self-impose hiring freezes before they are directed to do so. It’s good management and can fend off deleterious effects. We may face some tough times ahead, although I try to remain optimistic.

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