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    Job Title: Supervisory Compliance Specialist (Program Manager), Evaluation Enforcement Division
    Department: Department Of Agriculture
    Agency: Food Safety and Inspection Service
    Sub Agency: Food Safety and Inspection Service, USDA
    Job Announcement Number: FSIS-MMP-2011-1066

    Location: Washington, DC
    As an OPEER Supervisory Compliance Specialist – Program Manager here are some of your duties:
    1. Serve as Program Manager to review and assign work and coordinate activities of the Division’s Senior Compliance Specialists, Compliance Specialists, Program Analysts, Management Analysts and members of teams or workgroups.

    2. Coordinate, and provide information and technical assistance to OPEER-CID Regional Directors, supervisors, investigators and others, and FSIS District Office Managers on responses to regulatory, criminal, civil, requests for seizure, HACCP and other pathogen reduction requirements, humane slaughter, intimidation, threats, assaults, and responses to food law and regulation inquiries and enforcement actions.

    3. Review and assess complex program evaluation, surveillance, administrative, compliance, and other reports of apparent violations of the Federal Meat, Poultry, and Egg Products Inspection Acts and regulations including the evaluation of criminal, civil and/or administrative reports and making recommendations for appropriateness, adequacy, sufficiency, and identification of discrepancies and inconsistencies.

    4. Provide advice, information, and direction to assure that case actions are consistent with agency laws, regulations, and policies, and individuals and other parties are afforded notice and due process.

    5. Evaluate Division criminal, civil case and administrative operating procedures including the Assurance Net In Commerce System (ICS) to appraise their efficiency, adherence to policy issues, budget, personnel and other matters.

    6. Provide information and make recommendations to the Division Director on program and policy issues, budget, personnel and other matters.

    7. Serve as a liaison with other Program and Agency officials as well as represent the Agency to industry and local government organizations.

    9. Provide administrative and technical leadership to employees on the evaluations, procedures, and operations of the In Commerce System, and other important databases applicable to compliance and inspection, food laws and regulations, administrative rules of practice and inspection performance based systems.

    8. Serve with broad responsibility to independently provided leadership and resources to manage critical and complex litigation cases in the federal and administrative court systems, providing expertise to agency program areas, Department of Justice and USDA’s Office the General Counsel, including serving as an expert witness or consultant.

    9. Adhere to equal opportunity and civil rights policies, goals and objectives.

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