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    Adriel Hampton

    Following the GovLoop hash tag on Twitter is a lot of fun. You find other loopers, and you can listen in on all of Steve’s conversations. So, today the founder got totally trashed for making up the word “govtastic” (well, maybe not totally trashed, more like a gently ribbing). … But Steve had a point to make. Government is full of boring works and acronyms that mean little to people on the inside and even less to those outside. Like, NOBODY knew what I was doing when I walked around on Halloween with full male balding, a Wall Street suit and a folder marked TARP overflowing with bills. … I give Steve credit. He tried to take back the word “bureaucrat” and got shot down. Now he’s taking heat for govtastic. Language is the best thing we’ve got going for us, so if we’re doing to shoot down Steve’s ideas, let’s at least give some alternatives. … What do you say? Have some fun, hip govie slang we should be spreading? (“Govie” … I like it.) …

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    Meghan Harvey

    I use “Govie Groupie” these days. I’m not a Gov. employee but thoroughly enjoy following & being a part of the goings on of local, state and federal government. So I’ve dubbed myself a Govie groupie. Govtasic is awesome BTW, and I will not let that die.

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    Steve Ressler

    ones i try to use that no one likes:
    bureaucrat (redefining the word)
    gov’t rock star

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    Genevieve Shapiro

    Being Cajed.

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    Celia Mendive

    how about govialite?

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    Adriel Hampton

    I’ve been using ‘looper.

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    Mark Danielson

    Super duper govlooper

    I think: use all the words you can. We’ve only got so many minutes left on the ticker. Except spam. I do not like spam Sam-I-am. Govtastic is a lollapalooza. I wonder the reactions to that word in 1896. (Webster’s date attribution)

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