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    Steve Ressler

    Today is the 1st of 11 furlough days for DOD civilians. As the cake says, to all your hard work…we offer you a …..furlough.

    So what are you doing on your furlough days?

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    Julie Chase

    “I am currently out of the office on furlough, which has reduced all DoD resources by 20%. For further information, please contact my supervisor….oh wait, never mind, he is on furlough. If you don’t understand what this means, please go to your bank, take out 20% of your last paycheck and burn it.”

    650,000 DoD workers started furlough today. <crickets> Any DoD employees subscribe to GovLoop? <crickets>

    What am I doing, or what have I been doing today? I started a garden back in mid May. I call it my “Furlough Garden”. I have been picking tomatoes, herbs and green peppers. I chop up the herbs and put them in ice trays. When they freeze into cubes, I put the cubes in quart size bags and label them with the date and name of the herb. When I need it, I just drop a cube in the sauce, stew or whatever I’m cooking. The tomatoes are blanched and frozen as are the peppers. My supervisor has a “Furlough Garden” and gave me some squash, cherry tomatoes and more peppers. A co worker grew some sweet potatoes and brought them in to share with everyone at work. We have all dropped our TSP in half. My DH and I are paying my college kid student loan because in the last 2 yrs he has pounded the pavement looking for work and has knocked on Uncle Sam’s door several times. Uncle Sam did not answer. So much for hiring college kids (which are now turned off to gov service). Daughter and spouse have moved in as their hours have been reduced to 25 or less due to the upcoming Obamacare. And, good news, I’m going to be a grandma. Good thing we planted a garden.

    “For all your hard work”, Happy Furlough Everyone.

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