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    David B. Grinberg

    The “do nothing” House of Reps has finally done something positive to help millions of furloughed feds — and it’s about time!

    The Washington Post reports:

    • As the fifth day of the federal government shutdown began, members of the House came together in a moment of rare bipartisanship to pass a bill, by a vote of 407 to 0, approving back pay for furloughed government workers. President Obama has expressed his support for the measure.”
    • “Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid supports the measure, but said Saturday that if furloughed workers are guaranteed back pay, there’s no reason to keep them out of work.”

    • “In a separate measure voted on by the House on Saturday morning, lawmakers voted 400 to 1 in favor of a bill allowing military chaplains the ability to minister on Sunday without breaking a federal law that forbids furloughed government employees from working.”


    • Do you think this rare show of bipartisanship from both party’s marks a turning point for a larger agreement to end the shutdown? If so, why? If not, why not?
    • What is your personal prediction for the when the shutdown will end (date certain)?
    • How relieved are you and your family that retroactive pay is likely forthcoming when the gov reopens?

    Please share your thoughts below…


    * All views and opinion are those of the author only.

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    David B. Grinberg

    I’m very relieved to hear this welcome news. For many feds it will mean no more sleepless nights worrying which bills to pay and which to put aside.

    However, we still need to wait for the shutdown to end for the retroactive pay to start.

    Yes, I do think this marks a turning point in bipartisanship because both parties have realized the shutdown status quo is simply unacceptable and intolerable.

    Americans, like furloughed feds, are “mad as hell” and won’t take much more of these school yard antics by our elected officials at the expense of financial stability for loyal and hardworking feds as well as the greater U.S. economy.

    However, I personally predict the shutdown will likely not end gov-wide until Congress and the President reach a broad agreement to raise the debt ceiling on or about the Oct. 17 deadline set by the Treasury Dept — which will also include an end to the shutdown.

    Thus while the news is certainly good, we may still have a ways to go before this sad saga ends. Let’s hope more good news quickly follows and our elected leaders get their respective acts together. The sooner the better.

    What do YOU think?

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