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    Patti P


    In an effort to tap into the collective wisdom of govloop members, please help me brainstorm “Game Changers” for the next 5 years in the Federal Government. I’m part of a team that will be presenting this topic at a TechAmerica conference in the fall. We have a reputation for delivering an edgy, thought-provoking presentation that ultimately helps the IT industry support our Federal clients as they deliver their mission.

    Some of the topics we have covered in the past:

    • Collaboration, Consolidation
    • Economy, Employees, Election, Efficiency, Energy & Environment, Ethics
    • Democratization of Data, Internet of Things, Crowd Sourcing, Web 2.0/3.0, Cloud

    It’s easier to look back 5 years and marvel at the changes in how the government conducts business and serves citizens but what will be different in 2016 and what will cause the difference?

    In advance – thanks for your help!

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    Matthew Hall
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    Steve Ressler

    Great video…

    Some ideas:

    Some ideas
    -Dealing with Drastic budget cuts – Will we ever move from agency to GWACs to true where people buyserve themselves. What’s the 21st century GWAC? DISA or GSA selling cloud-infrastucture to other federal/state/local agencies
    -Tablets, tablets
    -Enterprise apps
    -True smart phones in enterprise with apps and mobility (not just bberry email)
    -Radical transparency

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    Terrence Hill

    I agree with all of these. By the time you make your presentation in the Fall, there will be new “game changers,” but here are a few of my favorites this week:

    – “Device Agnostic” Applications

    – Use of Personal Technology to Conduct Business Instead of Government-Furnished Devices

    – “There’s a Government App for That”

    – Ubiquitous Use of Web Conferencing (Webex, Connect)

    – Continuous Connectedness = Better Access/Service

    – To the Cloud (Whatever That Is)

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    Patti P

    Love the video – thanks!

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    Patti P

    maybe radical will make it real ; )

    Thanks for these great ideas!

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    Patti P

    I understand why these are your favorites – I like them, too! And someday (soon?), they will all be “old hat”.


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    Lisa Pierson

    One suggestion, the need to be multi-lingual especially in light of census data and the increase in the Hispanic population but overall increase in America being more multicultural. I still believe consolidation will still be discussed and security will be hot topic since I believe mobile hardware ubiquity such as iPads make personal/business line more blurred.

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    Debra Farmer

    Agree w/Terry “Device Agnostic” applications. What’s with Apple? iPads don’t run flash?? iPods don’t run WMA files (audio books)??

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    Bill Brantley

    Change that is Sustainable and not just another Fad.

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    Shelly Tregembo

    An idea:

    Exapnsion of Health Information Exchanges- very big deal for healthcare and patients

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    Patti P

    Couldn’t agree with you more. This factoid was part of a message from our local HS principal this past week, “Our student population hails from 93 different countries and speaks 61 languages at home”. If that isn’t a game changer, I don’t know what is!

    Thanks for your thoughts!

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    Patti P



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    Patti P

    …and it affects more than just the “Healthcare agencies”. DOJ, DHS, Agriculture and others all care about this!


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    Holly Eva

    Continuing to build the infrastructure so that high-speed internet access is possible for students in rural communities. This also supports the DOE’s goals of technology integration with textbooks online and student access to technology.

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    It falls under your third bullet, but more specifically: Information Governance.

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    Sandy Barsky

    When we use our cell phone roaming away from the network we have relied on, do we care beyond the point that we get a dial tone, the signal is strong and clear, and that the call is not dropped? What if a FAR/DFAR contract vehicle with all the right SLA in place uses an acquisition tool that uses real time metric to distribute the next buy/sell to the company that has the capacity to deliver the app and/or infrastructure and platform needed to accomplish the tasks. Do you care which awardees you are buying the service from? Allow the contract owner to administer the tool so that the buy load is distributed fairly between large, small, and disadvantaged awardees according to the contract.

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    Tim J. Clark

    National debt will force the American people and Congress to re-look the size and scope of government. Cutting government by 50% may not be too far fetched and may put a renewed focus on quality and productivity.

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    Byron Durham
    • Changes in construction contracting methods (to speed up procurements and reduce cost and schedule changes after award) are bringing the contractor to the table earlier in the design/ construction process, potentially giving them more control over the final product.
    • Management of construction projects is increasingly web-based, finally catching up with years-old trends in the private sector.
    • Building Information Model (BIM) is becoming more central to the design and construction of new federal buildings.
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    Christina Morrison

    Thanks Patti! I’ll follow Terry’s idea of continuous connectedness – government workers are going to be teleworking and from multiple locations out of the office, so what are the best tech investments to make sure they remain productive and stay secure.

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