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    Shannon Kennedy

    One thing I really enjoy about GEICO, other than one of my favorite commercials of all time, is the way it uses the internet to engage with the public.

    Not only does the company have it’s own blog, but it has also launched “GEICO Now,” the new digital edition of GEICO’s magazine for policyholders. Users can read all the articles about GEICO and it’s current projects as well as connect via social media.

    The site also contains polls which allow users to impact what content is put on the site. You can even ask the GEICO Gecko a question and he will answer you!

    Overall, GEICO Now does an excellent job of connecting with the public. The site is fun, interactive, and informative. It’s something I’ve never seen an insurance company do before. Be sure to check it out! What are your thoughts?

    GEICO was created in 1936 to provide auto insurance to federal government employees and their families. 75 years later, GEICO is one of America’s strongest, most financially stable companies thanks to the company’s dedication and support of the federal worker. GEICO is a proud partner of Govloop.

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