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    Jonathan Gaines

    Why is it so hard to get a federal job? I have a BS in computer science, and I have being in my field for 5 years. It seems every federal job I apply for I am not qualified. Does anybody have any suggestions in landing a federal job?

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    Ressie Mull

    Are you going on How is your resume? Are you tailoring it towards the specific job you are looking for? It is very difficult to get a foot in the door. Let me know if you are still having difficulties.

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    Iam in the same situation as well. Seeking a federal job in the government arena. I do believe also that the process is jaded for military, gov’t. & veteran workers. A civilian will probably never enter the market on their own. Assistance from others is needed. Anyone else have a different prospective?

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    Brenda Dennis

    Actually, it’s quite possible to get a federal job, but you usually have to tweak your resume some so that it translates into “gov-speak”. There are some resources on USA Jobs that will help you do that, as well as other resources throughout the internet. The only way that the system is biased away from civilians is that many civilians don’t take the time to put their application and resume into a federal job format. Don’t give up!

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    Jarrod Breuer

    @Jonathan Gaines. Most Federal IT services have been outsourced to private contractors. Those contractors work along side federal workers, but are not considered federal workers.
    Another reason you are not getting a response is because Veterans get preference, displacing other qualified candidates on entry level jobs.
    If you are open to moving, try applying to remote and rural locations like Wyoming, Montana, Alaska, Dakotas, and Idaho. Be prepared to spend a few years in one of those locations, however. That will allow you to get full time federal status and apply to internal jobs.

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    Brenda Dennis

    @Jarrod Breuer excellent point about considering rural areas. That is so true, and you might even end up getting relocation expenses paid. That can be much easier than trying to compete for the first time in a large or popular market where there are likely to be several current government employees looking to transfer.

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    You can also try focusing in on your resume format, content and keywords.

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    Peter Gonzalez

    There are also Gov jobs not posted on USAJobs. These are gov’t jobs that are not part of the competitive service. You may need to check individual agencies to see if they have any postings.

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