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    Mark Danielson

    Here we are in HR with administration wondering if we are losing money and work time to the social network problem. Should we “nip it in the bud?”

    O leaders – the classic reaction to change and something new: fear and suppression. Everybody wants progress, it’s the change they fear.

    Where is this 2.0 thing on my priority list? What would I give up to keep doing it? This reading, writing, listening, seeing and understanding is, is, is …. fun! Every day, every blog, every YouTube video, expands the worldview. Maybe it will expand enough so that I can see Russia from my front window.

    I’d give up, let’s see, Fox News, war, work time, union negotiations, binding arbitration, disciplinary letters, salary surveys, well, all sorts of stuff to keep on learning how this world is operating. Learning so that we can show the next generation, the workforce that follows, (don’t you wonder what the label will be?) where we are.

    But what is surprising to me now, is how searching for knowledge and exchanging ideas has risen so high on my priority list. It’s like food. I try to eat well and if I have, I can rest well. I know there’s a way for 2.0 technology and communications to solve problems in HR. Most problems have their roots in communication.

    Why give it up? More please. I’d like a second helping. So I can sleep at night.

    And tomorrow we’ll have a slice of hope for breakfast.


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    Steve Ressler

    Love it. Slice of hope with a glass of change. There’s a lot that these new technology/communications can help with HR but it is a change of mindset. All of a sudden people are connecting, sharing knowledge, and having fun at work.

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    Mark Danielson

    I couldn’t agree more Steve. It’s a mindset. Just trying to add something of value to our world to make it better is real work. Like eating an elephant: one bite at a time.

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