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    Wasn’t Funniest Fed Jonathan Shepard dead on about life in government when he spoke at the YGL-GovLoop conference this morning?

    I will now think of Mayan ruins as I descend the steep stairs down to the Metro.

    In all seriousness, he raised a good point about conveying information. Lights and sounds are great to have to alert folks that a train is coming down the track or for any other reason, but it is critical that you use your tools well. “Make your explanations tangible,” as Shepard said. In government your ideas can save money and lives.

    So mingle with those mingle sticks, and tell people what you really do. Then reconnect.

    And keep being awesome and productive!

    P.S. The Public Manager is looking for an intern. If you or your buddy has extra time, we have lots to do to promote federal leadership that works!

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    Steve Ressler

    His line on end of year spending was just hilarious…

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    Nathan Greenhut

    How do you feel about the use of predictive analytics? I have heard that inaccuracies in forecasting can cause huge swings in inventory in supply chains. Also, some of the best companies seem to be able to forecast the market, products, services and competitors better to achieve results. Do you think government can better forecast needs, requirements, events and service segments to get more results? Let me know what you think, since it seems this talk was a bit about setting up the right warnings, rules and policies to save money, time and lives. I would be interested to hear the talk to, if you have a link.

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