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    Brian Gryth

    Of course, Google+ is still in the testing phases. But here is my questions:

    How could governments use Google+? (Both internally and externally)

    For example, use hangouts for customer service, for micro-engagement, or for teams that are geographically spread out. Teams could use huddle to stay in contact, give status updates, or arrange meetings.

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    Bill Kirst

    I think the Circles feature that allows you to segment your audiences and easily drag and drop messaging that fits the right group is a great benefit to a Gov 2.0 model. I tried the Hangout feature the other day and was very impressed. Makes webinars and web conferencing very simple with the click of a button. Looking forward to exploring more.

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    Tim Bonnemann

    If the early rush is any indication, government will soon have to be present on yet another channel.

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    Chris Poirier

    I am most curious to see if GSA will announce something soon. Seeing as they are the first Google Apps for Government user, I would be curious if Google has approached them or vice versa to see what could be done and if GSA would be invited to the table to help during the BETA phase in order to get a government voice heard at this time. Could be VERY exciting.

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