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    Ari Herzog

    I’m seeking examples of cities or states that use Google Apps. I’m specifically seeking who might use Google Apps for Mail, and whether there are any security concerns using cloud email vs an in-house server solution. But if a government agency uses Google Docs or Google Calendar, I’d enjoy learning that too.


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    Andrea Baker

    I would love it if we could use Google Apps for my customer’s sites. Hopefully we will see some more Google tools introduced this year.

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    AJ Malik

    I am currently evaluating Google Apps Premier (GAP) vs. Microsoft BPOS for Gov, including addressing management’s security concerns. I believe LA just went live with GAP so you may want to check in with them. Check out this informative presentation comparing Google Apps Premier and Microsoft’s Business Productivity Online Suite.

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    Dustin Haisler

    Hey Ari,

    We use Google Apps for lots of different functions with our city, like material requisitions and purchase orders. We aren’t on their Mail just yet, but that will be coming in the near future.

    Shoot me an e-mail if you have any questions,

    [email protected]

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    Kristin Dziadul

    I think Google Apps is a great choice. They are quickly innovating to provide the best services to the enterprise, and government in particular. They realize the sensitivity of data that government agencies have, so they are going through an intensive certification process so government agencies can trust their integrity with mission critical data. Google is widely known as a high quality and low cost provider that many just trust. I recently wrote a blog post for my company titled, “Just Google App it!” because so many customers and companies are moving to Google Apps that they may turn to almost every function of it to run their business. As an added security, you should make sure you back up your data on Google Apps. Google provides a backup of data, but 1/3 of data loss is user error so if you accidently delete it, Google won’t back that up anymore. Companies like mine (Backupify – backup Google Apps so you can have a local copy of it and we backup each new piece of data while saving older data too so you never lose a byte!

    Hope this helps!

    Kristin, marketing analyst for Backupify

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