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    Ari Herzog

    Launched last week, “Think Big for a Gig” is Google’s motto for their latest innovation challenge that is inspiring communities across the United States to create Facebook groups and pages and drive grassroots movements to nominate themselves to be trial locations for Google’s experimental fiber optic network.

    Say what, you ask?

    See the background on my city council blog which I wrote up earlier today — referencing a Facebook page I created on the topic to bring Google fiber to Newburyport.

    Is your community going to respond to the RFI?

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    Steve Ressler

    Will be interesting to see if this happens and when (actual deployment).

    I think this is a great competitive advantage for small cities and townships for a number of knowledge workers just need internet and can live anywhere. AND super fast internet would be a huge plus.

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    I need to see if there’s an effort here in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina…makes a lot of sense to have it here.

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