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    Valerie Kushnerov

    Has anyone had success in adding to add a location of a park or other government-owned property to Google places? I’ve logged on to Google Places, but since these sites don’t have a phone number, I am not able to register them. If you have a suggestion or a contact person, I would greatly appreciate it.


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    Steve Ressler

    I just posted this in our Google group and will try to get you an answer

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    Jim Mack

    Could you use the phone number of the controlling agency or department? For instance, the main number for a municipal Parks and Rec department number for a local park?

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    Katie P.

    Yes, in fact we were contacted by a Local Government “partnership specialist” at Google about updating/adding Places. I will message you with his information. As far as I know, for parks we did not need to include a phone number.

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    Steve Ressler

    From Twitter –

    We certainly did! RT Anyone ever set up “Google Places for Government?”

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    John Ohab

    Valerie, I set up a verified Google Places listing for NRL () without much trouble. After I filled in all of the information using our official content, I just needed to wait a few weeks for our verification PIN to arrive in the mail.

    Is the issue that the parks themselves don’t have phone numbers or that the already-existing Google Places listings don’t have phone numbers?

    The biggest hassle has been suspending the other NRL listings. Each time we find one, we have to verify that we are the owners, which takes a few weeks. But, over time, our verified listing has received more and more traffic on Google Maps. Google Places has a pretty rudimentary analytics section, but it’s enough to demonstrate the usefulness of having the verified listing.

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    Valerie Kushnerov

    Thanks everyone. The issue is two-fold – the places don’t have phone numbers and even specific addresses (for some of the open spaces). It sounds like Katie can get me to a live person that can help. Thanks again!

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    Sid Burgess


    Add them by using Google Map Maker:

    It takes a little longer to get them added to Google Maps and then propagated through all of their platforms, but it is single, best way to alter information on Google Maps. The process found at Google Places is more of an application process for businesses. A streamlined approach to Map Maker, if you will.

    Best of luck and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


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