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    Henry Brown

    Can’t see this having a significant impact on the public sector, other than some increase in transparency, but I didn’t see the smartphone having much of an impact 10 years ago either….

    From Forbes:

    This One Tiny Change Will Deeply Disrupt Your Business

    Your business totally “gets” the idea that search is marketing. So does Google. But Google also understands that search is a service: In order for it to work, it must be as spam-free as possible.

    To achieve this, Google launched an identity-verification initiative called Authorship. The basic premise is simple enough: Use the Google+ social network platform to enable members to link their profile to content they’ve written, and so claim its authorship. A thumbnail of their image then appears next to the link description when that content appears in search.

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    Barbara Haven

    Good point, Henry. Any ideas about how government agencies and departments will be affected?

    I’m not sure any government entities work with the identity-verification initiative “Authorship” but it may provide government sites a credibility for their messages. I recently encountered some confusing naming on the Internet where some “Cal_fire” information was from the state government but other sources also had the words “Cal” and “fire” in their names. During an emergency it would be great if the first few search results had reliable information.

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    Henry Brown

    @ Barbara hadn’t thought about Emergency Management issues, The possibility exists that MAYBE some policy statements can/could be connected with a real human. Of course for this to be effective not only would the policy wonks have to have a outward facing interface but they would have to be a member of Google+… but way early in this process…

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