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    Zach Nash

    Below is a post the City of OKC submitted to a Google Help Forum.

    Anyone have a solution that we aren’t aware of? Any feedback would be appreciated.

    “A lot of citizens are being directed to incorrect phone numbers, websites and addresses when searching for services offered by the City of Oklahoma City ( We have been submitting changes on a case-by-case basis, when alerted by City staff, citizens and other parties needing information about the City, however there is just too much wrong info to continue to change in this way. This issue only became more important after citizens were trying to report information to our Crimestoppers hotline, but were instead being directed to a completely different department other than public safety via a Google search.

    Is there some way that we can bulk check and verfify, then change incorrect contact information on Google Places and Maps’ search results. This is not only a disservice to our users, but also a bad reflection to our efforts to maintain citizen confidence. As more users turn to the web to do business with local, state and federal governments, we need to work in partnership to provide correct information, especially at the municipal level.

    Thank you for your prompt reply and guidance to correct this issue.

    City of Oklahoma City, @cityofokc”

    zach nash, creative manager, city of okc

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