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    David Reinbold

    Let me open by saying that I love Google products. I think that Google has revolutionized the way we think about information sharing in many respects. But I read this article today over at PC World, about how Google may soon be opening a music store, a la Apple iTunes, and offering services similar to that of Apple’s new iCloud feature. And I’m not sure how I feel.

    “I think we’re close,” Android head Andy Rubin said at the AsiaD conference in Hong Kong, adding that Google’s offering wouldn’t be a carbon copy of Apple’s iTunes service or Amazon’s store and cloud locker model. Rubin said Google’s approach “will have a little twist… it will have a little Google in it.”

    As much as I love Google, and stand by a lot of what it offers to the public, I cannot help but be a little underwhelmed by the announcement. Apple iTunes is a behemoth, and Amazon’s music store is gaining speed. Also, services like Pandora and Spotify are changing the way we think about music. But is Google really positioned as a viable vendor for music? Is it just throwing out products to see what catches the attention of the public?

    If Google + and Google Buzz are any indication, Google’s music store venture will create a lot of initial buzz, then slowly taper away into the abyss. One thing I have to commend Google for, however, is its unwavering tenacity — no matter what, the company will always try new things.

    What do you think of Google’s plan to enter the music store market? Would you try it out?

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    Allison Primack

    I agree with you, David. Having a Mac computer, I find it difficult to justify using something other than iTunes (which comes automatically installed). I’m interested to see how Google music turns out, but I don’t think I would bother trying it out.

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    Denise Petet

    I don’t download music, so can’t say that I have strong feelings either way. (I’m old fashioned, i buy what few CD’s i want and then I can do anything I want with them and aren’t tied to someone’s DRM telling me what they’ll ALLOW me to do.)

    I think my biggest feeling is right in line with the Google+ social network…google is infamous for data mining and selling your data at the drop of a hat. I love their search engine but shy away from anything else simply because I don’t like their blatant lack of privacy and the selling/logging of info.

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