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    Steve Ressler

    So we worked really hard to create the Per Diem Calculator which is a cool way to travel – tells you how much you get per diem for hotel and food plus Yelp API for top restaurants and hotels and Eventful for best events.

    We are looking at building other resources, calculators, and tools.
    I’m open to ideas. What do you think would be cool? Useful for you and your job?
    Some ideas – government pay scale calculator (w/ take home pay), a better gov’t job search calculator, a meeting cost calculator, retirement calculator, degree/certification calculator….
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    I’m really curious to see if we can develop tools around the Thrift Savings Plan…would that be helpful for folks? Are there others out there that we could improve upon/make cooler?

    In terms of the GS pay scale, how do folks use that? Is there a way to combine the per hour and per annum charts, show the difference in monthly or per paycheck compensation when jumping from one Grade or Step to the next, then add some data around average government and other salaries where people live…incorporate adjustments for COLA in January…add some kind of drop down to account for locality, etc. I’m pumped about possibilities for this one…

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    Steve Ressler

    Also curious on ones that are more relevant to state/local audience since I know TSP and GS pay scale are mainly federal issues.

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