Government Contracting in a World of Sequestration and Shutdowns

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    Len Johnson

    The inaction of Congress and the Administration are demoralizing to government workers and demonize the contracting community. Has this environment caused you to think about your career options and business focus?

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    Marco Morales

    It makes it hard for any experienced government worker to offer encouraging advice to younger people who aspire to work for our federal government.

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    Jaime Gracia

    My fear is that younger workers with leave, especially at a time when they are desperately needed (especially IT). Those areas that would be hardest hit are cyber, and data engineers. The federal environment is hard enough as it is, but this seems like adding insult to injury.

    Why would anyone want to enter public service is this unprecedented era where federal employees are so demonized?

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    Len Johnson

    Jamie, I believe your fear is well placed, and the outcome will be reduced government efficiency for years to come.

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