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    Ari Herzog

    Hi folks,

    I’m seeking for a series of government lists and I don’t know if they exist. Maybe you know something I do not?

    First, I’d like to see a list of government events: workshops, webinars, conferences, summits, etc. Ideally broken down by geography.

    Second, I’d like to see a list of government contractors and also broken down by geography and/or type of agency/function of specialty.

    Third, I’d like to see a list of new media directors at government agencies.

    That’s enough for now. Thoughts?

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    Hey Ari,

    Check out our datasets at

    I just created one earlier this week for Federal New Media Directors (still incomplete, but should finish by tomorrow).

    Whatever’s not there, let us know. We’ll create it lickity split! (Or volunteer and we can create it together 🙂

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    Ari Herzog

    I never knew this existed, thanks! But why does it take so long for data to load?

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