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    Ari Herzog

    I hate the idea of tossing paper, even if recycling it, but can you think of a better option for 2-3 years’ of the Public Administration Review and about two years of Governing, American City & County, and comparable printed magazines?

    Right now, they’re collecting dust. I haven’t asked the local FreeCycle group, but presuming their subscribers are not interested, where? Donate to the library?

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    Steve Ressler

    Perhaps a local university.

    On a side note, which ones do you read? Why do you find them valuable and for what? Which is the best (and for what)?

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    Ari Herzog

    For government magazines, I prefer receiving comp copies by print than electronic — for the simple reason I can read it at the coffeeshop, on a train, wherever. Some people would rather carry a laptop (or an iPad, ouch) for this mobile purpose, but I heart the tactile sensation of turning pages.

    I currently receive Governing and American City & County which are valuable for their own reasons for me to keep abreast with national policy issues; and I also subscribe to the Massachusetts-based Commonwealth magazine for the same reason.

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    Amanda Blount

    The Library will most likely not take them. They are too old, and most libraries are overwhelmed with magazines which are donated (but of course, ask anyway). BUT, I would say a Government Teachers at a few high schools would love to use them as teaching ideas. But, you may need to spread them out a little. How about an economics teacher also.

    Try a homeless or abuse shelter. Yes, they like to read at night (they are not allowed to do much else at night). Most people donate crap magazines to the homeless shelters, I like to think that if I donate “real” magazines to the shelters, then not only will it increase knowledge of their area, but also reading skills. If you can just help one person learn to read better, that will increase their ability to find a job tenfold.

    Elderly homes. Their are alot of people in Elderly homes who love to read about their Government.

    Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts – They have to do Government Badges.

    DRs Offices, especially the crowded ones with Seniors.

    The Free Clinic in your area – They are always backed up and many people sit and wait for hours.

    Mechanic Shops – the ones which take longer.

    Social Services Office – again, a place where people sit for hours, and they need something to read that is not “People”.

    Spread the magazines out among these places and watch your seeds of knowledge grow! A senior may write a letter, an unemployed Mom may find a name she knows which can help her find a job, a Homeless man may find he wants to learn to read, an Abused family may find they have the strength to leave for good, and a Girl Scout / Boy Scout may read your magazines and realize they want to grow up and change the world.

    Good Luck!

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