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    PROBABLY the primary reason that after all the huffing and puffing quiets down that there most likely will NOT be any government shutdown.

    An Interesting letter from one of the larger government contractor organization …

    Dear Leader Reid, Minority Leader McConnell, Speaker Boehner and Minority Leader Pelosi:

    On behalf of TechAmerica, the largest voice for the U.S. technology industry representing over 1,200 companies, I’m writing to underscore the adverse impact that a government shutdown would have on hundreds of technology companies which currently contract with the U.S. Government and the over 7.6 million federal government contractor employees in the private sector.

    While we applaud Congress for apparently reaching a recent continuing resolution agreement which will avert a government shutdown and keep the government running another two weeks, we strongly urge you to pass a broader measure to fund the government through fiscal year 2011. The on-again, off-again nature of the current budget debate in conjunction with the on-going, looming possibility of a government shutdown has brought business between contractors and the federal government to a virtual stand still. This climate of uncertainty has resulted in an adverse ripple effect causing the private sector and government agencies to halt or freeze advances in government services largely due to the current unresolved long-term budget situation.

    Federal contractors and their employees depend on government operations in order to sustain both their business, as well as their finances. Government agencies often utilize contractors in order to provide talent it cannot recruit, specialized services that it cannot produce, competition it cannot generate among its own organizations, and equipment that it cannot and should not build itself. Federal government contractors often perform vital work such as researching new vaccines, running federal computer systems and making body armor, weapons and meals for the military. The reliability of a stable customer found in the federal government as the largest purchaser of goods and services in the world is often an economic driver for business productivity and continued job creation especially during difficult economic times.

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