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    Today’s lead story on GovExec is titled “Federal employees report being in the dark on debt ceiling.” Here’s an excerpt:

    More than 100 federal employees told Government Executive that they have not received any guidance or communication from their agencies on how to manage during a default or the potential effect it could have on their pay and benefits.

    In the months and weeks leading up to the near government shutdown, many agencies quietly prepared guidance but purposely waited until the last minute to distribute information to employees. In the current scenario, the lack of communication is largely because there’s no precedent, not a result of a deliberate withholding of information, observers said.

    In order to better help you understand what’s happening right now and share examples of how agencies are informing their employees, I thought I’d ask a couple questions:

    1) Do you feel as if you understand what is happening with the debt ceiling and the implications for your job?

    2) Have you found any helpful online resources that explain what’s going on? If so, please share below.

    3) How / Has your agency informed you of the potential impact?

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    Jeff S

    1. I understand the debt ceiling but have no idea what will become of my job. Since my agency is predominately user fee funded it would appear to be similar to the recent furlough

    2. No

    3. No

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    Elliot Volkman

    1. I understand what is occurring with the debt ceiling thanks to our ed team, but I know there is a lot of worry being spread through federal and contractors alike.

    2. One of the editors I work with wrote the following pieces, which are mostly geared towards contractors, but still have valid information for all parties that may be affected: Debt Limit Shutdown — How to Prepare and FAQ: What Happens If the Debt Ceiling Isn’t Raised? via Sean Tucker.

    3. Just like the last possible shutdown, it would seem contracting companies and agencies hold off on announcing any plans until there is a definite effect from the cause.

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    No communication in our park, it’s terrible when our pastor’s wife whom works for Delaware North, comment on how Grand Canyon NP does not communicate, and I the ranger here wholeheartedly agree! Communication rates up there with the wildland fire evacuation plan, we received a handout, that was it. I bring up questions to the acting fee manager and it’s always the same, “it’s a non-issue.” I would like to see Washington start getting rid of these management types that are apathetic and lazy, get a large paycheck and do very little to the name of stewardship that they pound us parkies with in Fundamentals.


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