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    Stephanie Slade

    For years, children learned about the “food pyramid,” a triangular figure that detailed what percentage of a person’s diet ought to consist of meats, dairy, carbohydrates, etc.

    No longer.

    Today’s kids will turn instead to an image of a plate for guidance on how to cobble together healthy meals. The new system introduced yesterday by the USDA is called MyPlate and is expected to be more intuitive and easier to adhere to.

    US aims to simplify healthy eating advice

    What do you think?

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    Steven Bjarnason

    Another waste of tax payer money. I wonder how many millions of dollars it took to draw a plate? The good old “Food Pyramid” at least addressed the “Oils, Fats, and Sweets”. Does the current administration, government bureaucrats, and PC police want to completely ignore that those things are still a part of people’s diets and always will be? This is less than educational and provides more confusion then is necessary. If I took this in the literal sense … I would eat an entire plate of food for each meal and that doesn’t sound entirely healthy at all.

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    Colby Hoefar

    Check out The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet by Robb Wolf, maybe not the answer for everying, but it’s a very intersting opinion. Definitely not PC and will not be popular with many farmers.

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    Nicole Tripodi

    I think the new plate is a very good representation of what your three squares should look like, generally. It’s not sufficient as a stand-alone image though, because so much information is missing! This plate could represent a healthy meal consisting of appropriate portions of grilled chicken breast, brown rice, mixed greens salad, an apple, and skim milk. Or, it could represent an unhealthy meal of large portions of fried chicken, baked beans, fried eggplant, watermelon, and chocolate milk. The Pyramid may not provide much guidance on what an individual meal should look like, but it was specific about serving sizes, healthy options within each food group and the use of fats, oils, and sweets.

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