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    David Reinbold

    According to an article over at NextGov, federal agencies released outlines last week for way to utilize technology to make the lives of citizens simpler.

    The tech-y approach has been a push from the Obama administration, aimed at adopting practices from industry into the way the federal government operates.

    “Each plan includes at least one signature initiative to use technology to improve service.”

    Some of the ways in which agencies are planning to use technology include:

    • The Internal Revenue Service is developing an application that will allow tax filers to send a secure electronic summary of their returns to a loan officer or another third party
    • The Social Security Administration is expanding its use of video hearings for disability claims
    • The Transportation Department’s marquee project is to publish updated information on the safety of U.S. long-distance bus carriers.

    What do you think of these new technology initiatives? What would you like to see federal agencies do with industry technology?

    Agencies outline technology-based customer service initiatives

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    John Kamensky

    Hi David – Looks like we think alike! I just posted a GovLoop blog post on the same topic, but rather than a technology slant, I focused more on the customer service angle, and provided some historical background behind the initiative, which reaches beyond just the technology . . . .

    Thanks! JOHN K.

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