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    Future environmental impacts will be curbed by the further introduction and use of smart transportation applications, argues a new report by CTIA — The Wireless Assocation.

    The report, Wireless and the Environment: A Review of Opportunities and Challenges, examines the environmental impact of wireless technology in four areas: agriculture, energy, the public sector and transportation. In the government arena, the report finds the usage of smart traffic apps could result — if available on a wide scale — in a 20 percent savings on fuel consumption on urban roadways.

    Personally, I don’t use many green apps for my Droid. When I was an iPhone user, I did use the Green Charging app. It’s an application that makes your phone vibrate and play a notification when it has reached a full charge, so you don’t waste electricity.

    Do you think applications are the way to go to help save energy? What apps do you currently use to help make the world a greener or more efficient place?

    Can Smart Transportation Apps Curb Greenhouse Gases?

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