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    This one hits close to home…

    Dr. John B. Stephens, Coordinator, Public Dispute Resolution Program for the School of Government at University of North Carolina just posted this information on the National Coalition for Deliberation and Dialogue (NCDD) listserv pertaining to Governor Bev Perdue’s attempt to challenge the citizens to carve out a fair budget for our state:

    In brief:

    1. Perdue is a Democrat, and the governorship is up for election in 2012
    2. There are Republican majorities in the NC House and Senate. These leaders have offered other approaches for where to cut state expenditures.

    Perdue’s words:

    “There are plenty of ways to get our deficit to zero. But don’t take my word for it. We’ve prepared a little challenge to give you a chance to write North Carolina’s budget.”


    = = =

    Dr. Stephens asks:

    I know there are online examples for similar exercises on the federal budget (e.g., Concord Coalition – )and here is one for a city budget (Wilmington, NC):

    I would like to collect other examples, and I promise to share via IAP2 and NCDD webpage resources. Any reports or analyses about participation, compiled results of individual rankings, and impact on actual budget making would be valuable.

    Please help out Dr. Stephens if you can!

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    Melissa Merrell

    The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget has the Stabilize the Debt tool.

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    Milli Hayman

    Hi, I’m a NC Government employee – thank you for featuring this story!! BUT – can you please change the url that your “Balance the Budget with Charlie” graphics point to? Right now they point to, which is Governor Perdue’s main page. Maybe yesterday “Charlie” was featured on the front page, but now he’s buried under “Setting Government Straight” and he’s hard to find! Please point to instead. Thanks!!

    Milli Hayman

    NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources

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