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    Allison Primack

    Yesterday, an article in GovTech discussed the first meeting of the Commission on the Leadership Opportunity in U.S. Deployment of the Cloud – State and Local Government. The CLOUD2/SLG Commission selected nine public sector IT executives to oversee and make recommendations for the creation of Cloud in state and local governments.

    At the meeting, these advisors began to discuss the best ways for local and state governments to “rapidly access and deploy” cloud solutions that will be cost effective and simultaneously improve agility.

    “If the federal government, the states and local government take similar approaches, the efficiencies will skyrocket,” said Phil Bond, TechAmerica’s president and CEO.

    How should cloud be implemented at the state and local level?

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    Jay Samples

    I think many agencies have already been in a “cloud” environment for a long time. Every government agency I’ve ever worked for had most of the resources located on a server that workstations (they were actually called workstations) could access, enabling you to log into any work station that you were near and be able to work with the data/resources that you normally work with at your own desk. If that’s not cloud computing then I don’t know what is… The only difference between that and what most big software companies are shooting for is much of the software was individually installed on, licensed to, and run from individual workstations instead of being run from the central server, but that’s just 1 aspect of cloud computing. The rest the government has already been doing for years.

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