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    Shannon Kennedy

    Today launched a new online network. The open data community was created with the goal of being a movement to open and share data from governments across the world.

    “This community bridges policy makers, technologists, data owners, and citizens-each of us wants to get information to people who need to make decisions each day. As a member of this open data community, you can help to make this happen.”

    The open data community encourages members to make recommendations on data that should be shared as well as sharing views on what policies should be used in order to make government more transparent.
    What are your thoughts?
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    Count me in! A broad-based discussion of the benefits issues etc. surrounding open data is welcomed.


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    Dave McClees

    Great idea,especially if real data sharing takes place.

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    Pam Broviak

    Awesome! After struggling since the mid-1990s with trying to figure out how to structure my data, I am so relieved to have such an easy way to connect with others. Now we can finally share our resources and ideas and try to ensure it meets a basic, accepted standard that works.

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    O.K. – sounds great! Now, here is what I am looking for. I need statistics on number of land line phone numbers in my county, based on different areas of the county. We are looking at a company to provide reverse notification for our citizens, and I need unbiased data to verify that this company can reach all of the population. I do recognize that wireless makes a difference, and we plan a link on our website for those with cell phones only to register their numbers for notification. In the past, this company sent calls to twelve houses in an area that had, by my count, over two hundred homes. That is unacceptable, and the company representative that I spoke with was shocked with how badly his company had performed. I just need a tool for verification purposes.

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    Jeanne Holm

    Glad to see people interested. It’s nice to have multiple places to discuss the issues related to opening up data and creating ways to make it useful to others. Thanks for opening the discussion in this forum too, Shannon.

    Paulette–I saw your post earlier on the Open Data forums and am working to track down any relevant datasets. Will get back to you on it.

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