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    Stephen Peteritas

    Has anyone else seen the pilot of the new DOI video series “Ask Interior”?

    First off for those of you who haven’t seen it, check it out here: Secondly I think this a really simple but super effective way to interact with the public. People have questions and the average citizen doesn’t know much about what the government is doing and why they are doing it. Opening up that line of communication through video which, let’s face it watching a video is much cooler than reading an e-mail, allows gov’t to fill people in with what they are working hard on.

    Another reason the video element is key is because it puts human faces on government projects. You can’t underestimate what that does as far as people’s opinions on gov.

    Here’s what the site looks like but you should actually check it out via the link above. Great job DOI! Maybe we could do something similar to this on GovLoop… submit a video question get a video answer. Any thoughts?

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    Vang Xiong

    This is pretty innovative, especially for a government entity. With the advent of YouTube and other video sharing websites, it is much easier now for everyone to embrace the notion of video blogs and/or short informative videos. Let’s hope this practice is adopted by more governmental entities and continue to flourish.

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