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    Alicia Mazzara

    Employees at the Department of Veterans’ Affairs will soon be able to use iPhones, iPads, and Android devices on the VA’s computer network. Agency officials are still working out details to provide adequate network security for personal devices but plan to make the service available by October 1. Many agencies do not allow employees to use personal devices for work. If the VA’s program is successful, this could serve as a model for other agencies considering changes to their IT policy.

    VA to allow iPads, Androids, other mobile devices on its network

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    Douglas Joubert

    Thanks for sharing this news. At the NIH Library we are testing 14 Android Devices and 11 iPads with our staff. At the NIH iOS devices are the only devices that (officially) support VPN access.

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    Chris Poirier

    I’ve heard that DoE has a lot of smart devices in the pipe line, and also have “email apps” for their day-to-day email access. I can only hope some day this comes forward for the rest of government. Just think of the money saved if people can opt to use their personal smart devices instead of costing the tax payer for a blackberry!

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    Jon P. Bird

    A small but important step. Who knew that the VA would actually become a pioneer?

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