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    David Reinbold

    According to an article over at, one of next year’s biggest security threats posed to government agencies are employees who bring their personal smart phones to work.

    Devices such as the iPhone and Droid are being hacked with more frequency, according to security company, M86 Security Labs, and that could position employees as unwitting accomplices if they ever sync organizational data. Of particular concern is the Droid device, which allows next-to-unfettered access to its application market for developers.

    “The Android is very much a victim of its own success” because any developer can publish innovative — or malicious — software applications to Google’s Android Market, Bradley Anstis, M86 vice president for technical strategy, said in an interview. Apple is more selective in vetting programs for its App Store. Most government agencies M86 works with, including NASA, have a bring-your-own-device policy, he said.

    What is your agency doing to protect itself? Does your agency have a policy against bringing personal phones into the workplace?

    Employees’ Droids among biggest government cyber menaces

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