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    Corey McCarren

    Nexgov reported Tuesday (3/6/2012) that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released an Enforcement Advisory reminding citizens that it’s unlawful to use a cell phone jammer on other people’s phones… no matter how obnoxious they are. The fine for such a violation can reach up to $100,000, a hefty price to pay for a little peace and quiet. FCC Enforcement Bureau Chief Michele Ellison had this to say:

    “We caution consumers that it is against the law to use a cell or GPS jammer or any other type of device that blocks, jams, or interferes with authorized communications, as well as to import, advertise, sell, or ship such a device … The FCC Enforcement Bureau has a zero tolerance policy in this area and will take aggressive action against violators.”

    Jammers not only block the cell phone of the target, they also block emergency communications for fire departments, schools, and others; that being the case, they are also a detriment to public safety. Though solving the problem with a jammer is effective, a legal solution must be used to resolve the infraction against public sanity.

    How would you go about legally solving the problem of obnoxious commuters?

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