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    Stephen Peteritas

    Really REALLY like the idea behind this latest GovLaunch. The FCC just started and I think it has huge implications for getting people involved in Gov 2.0 and tuning them into active citizens.

    Basically what the site does is publish online datasets of the FCC’s info and makes them readily available for developers to get their hands on and start flushing out in cool ways such as apps.

    On the site it says “The launch of is the first of many steps in reforming how the FCC publishes and manages its data” and I think every agency needs to adopt something similar. Getting data to the right hands and getting it packaged correctly is really half the battle in truly opening it up to an entire public and not just a few people that are already interested and would have found the data regardless.

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    Boy would I love to talk to their datawarehousing team lead and their website manager! This is no small feat.
    Way to go FCC!

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