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    Steve Cottle

    The Government Accountability Office (GAO) released the newest installment in its series of annual reports on duplication within the federal government this morning. The report, which can be accessed here, examines duplicative programs within and across federal departments and offers recommendations for reducing duplication and saving money. Federal News Radio provides an overview of some of the key findings and an article published shortly after the report was released.

    While the report covers all types of programs, technology-related programs feature prominently in the two main areas noted in the report: duplication and cost saving opportunities. Here’s a snapshot of some of the technology-related recommendations offered:


    • Streamline IT investments across the Office of Management and Budget, Department of Defense, and Department of Energy
    • Improve coordination to reduce potential overlap and duplication across the Department of Defense’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems programs
    • Streamline leadership/coordination of Space System Organizations to avoid potential duplication in developing space systems

    Cost Savings

    • Improved decision-making around Navy’s Next Generation Enterprise Network to “ensure a more cost-effective acquisition approach for the Navy’s Next Generation Enterprise Network.”
    • Use of technology by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services “to help detect and recover billions of dollars of improper payments of claims and better position itself to determine and measure financial and other benefits of its systems.”
    • Delaying acquisitions of border surveillance technology until benefits are better defined and measured, and life-cycle costs are estimated.

    Do you agree with GAO’s recommendations? Do you think the report missed the mark on any points?

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