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    When it comes to getting your work done on the go, which do you prefer to use? A laptop or a tablet?

    If you said the former, you are in the majority.

    FCW reports that a recent survey shows that most federal employees still use laptops for work purposes.

    The survey found that more than half of government workers use at least one mobile device at work, and many are using their own devices for work purposes. Sixty percent of federal employees indicated their go-to device was the laptop, followed by the smart phone, chosen by 36 percent. Only 9 percent said they use a tablet to do work-related tasks.”

    The report was written by IT solutions provider CDW Government LLC.

    Which do you prefer? What about that device do you like the most for work?

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    Corey McCarren

    I’d probably be alright with a tablet if I had one of the protective cases with a physical keyboard. The virtual keyboard on my phone drives me crazy enough as it is. For instance, this dude. The screens on normal laptops are too big and Netbooks don’t have much storage.

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    Rebecca Mysliwy

    It really depends on what you are using the device for. How much power you need vs. how portable you want to be. I enjoy using a tablet on the go and for short trips as a compliment to my laptop.

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    Denise Petet

    I love my iPad, but honestly you get the most functionality from a laptop. To make my iPad ‘fully functional’ I’ve bought a case/keyboard combo that mimicks a laptop (ZaggFolio is the one I have)

    If you do little more than e-mailing etc, then a tablet might serve, but even some of the good apps are very limited in what they can do. With a tablet you often end up coming up with work arounds to make apps fit in with your work network while the various IT departments can better understand and deal with laptops.

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    Kenyatta Hawkins

    I couldn’t have said it better! 🙂

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    [email protected]

    I think using both works well for most people – laptop for work and tablet for fun at the house. I expect that tablet use, as well as apps designed for tablets, will increase in the coming year(s). In addition, if Microsoft ever releases their MS Office suite of products designed for iOS and Android devices, then watch out! 🙂

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