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    Steve Cottle

    Nextgov reports that today is your last day to provide input on federal e-records management. The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has maintained a page on IdeaScale for the last month or so to solicit public feedback on how electronic records should be managed government-wide. The public platform, initiated in response to a White House memo directing agencies to improve electronic records management, has elicited 17 proposals so far.

    The crowd-sourced recommendations will be combined with those provided by agencies and incorporated into a final records management directive, expected to be released in July. What are some of the challenges the new directive will aim to overcome? According to Nextgov:

    Agencies have struggled to meet statutory requirements for maintaining their records, failing about 95 percent of the time, according to a NARA estimate based on agency self-assessments.

    In some cases, agencies aren’t saving the proper records. In other instances, they are storing records electronically but not taking steps to ensure they can be read or retrieved years down the road.

    You can read the NextGov article here or get involved by submitting your own ideas or voting on others’ ideas here.

    Do you have a common sense proposal for managing electronic records?

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    Corey McCarren

    I mean this is on the micro scale, but even in my own computer when trying to organize things it can turn into a mess. Eventually I plan on purchasing an external for work if I’m still using my own computer so it’s easier to separate everything and less messy. I could only imagine the troubles on the macro scale.

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