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    Steve Cottle

    AOL Government has reported on collaboration between the Government Printing Office (GPO) and the Library of Congress to release a new iPad app that provides users with access to the Congressional Record.

    The app will allow users to browse Congressional Record editions reaching back to 1995, perform keywork searches (within documents), save and share documents, and see the latest bills being considered by the House and Senate.

    For more information, read the AOL story or check out the app for yourself.

    Don’t have an iPad? You can still access PDFs of the daily Congressional Record on GPO’s Federal Digital System website.

    Have you tried this app? Does it make browsing and navigating the Congressional Record significantly easier? Is this a step towards more open government?

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    Corey McCarren

    That is awesome! If I had an iPad it would be downloading right now, but alas I do not. I don’t know if it makes the government any more transparent, since the information was already available online, but you could make the argument that ease-of-use increases transparency.

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