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    Corey McCarren

    Nextgov reported Tuesday (1/31/2012) that during a Google+ hangout, President Obama fielded questions about foreign policy. Obama defended his position on foreign aid and military drones in Iraq and Pakistan, arguing that they are necessary for national security. On foreign aid, Obama claimed that it actually saves the US money because we are able to avoid foreign wars disrupting trade routes and requiring costly intervention. About military drones, he noted that they are not used “willy-nilly” and are strategically targeted to hit known terrorist militants. He also claims that only about 1% of the budget is spent on foreign aid. Regarding aid in Pakistan, Obama had this to say:

    “there are times when they disappoint us … In some cases they have been very cooperative with us. In other cases, not as much as we want …(I’m) trying to find the right balance of making sure that if we’re providing them with aid, they are also providing us with assistance in terms of making our people safer.”

    Obama was also asked to sing and dance after offering to help the womans husband find work, which was a request he politely declined.

    Do you think that the United States intervenes too much abroad? Is it respectful to ask the President to sing and dance?

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    Katt Hancher

    In general, I don’t believe we intervene abroad too much as we are living in a global economic and political world. I do believe in some cases we may be intervening in such a way that it interfers with or conflicts with a country’s right to make their own choices, whether or not we agree with them.

    It is highly disrespectful to ask the President to sing and dance. I can hardly believe anyone would do that.

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    Corey McCarren

    I think that it was very disrespectful as well. I couldn’t imagine spending a minute of my time that’s been allotted to talk to the president asking him to act goofy and “do a little jig”.

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